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These oral syringes are filled with full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, providing a rich and natural combination of phytonutrients, cannabinoids, terpenes and more. The only ingredient is hemp oil, nothing else has been added. Choose from four variations of High CBD Oil.


The raw version of the hemp plant, with no alteration beyond extraction, is the Green Label. This one has a combination of CBD and CBDa, normally ranging from 12%-18% depending on the current batch lab test result.

The next version is the Blue Label. To create this, the Green Label is heated to turn all of the CBDa into CBD. The strength fluctuates between batches, normally between 12%-18% CBD.

Next, we have the Gold Label. This is made by taking the Blue Label and filtering out the excess plant parts; a process that allows for a higher concentration of CBD, typically ranging from 20%-25% depending on the current batch.

Finally, is the Platinum Level with the highest concentration of CBD, typically concentrated at about 30%. 

CBD is a natural constituent of the hemp plant that interacts with the Endocannainoid System; a series of receptors located throughout the body.

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