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The raw version of the hemp plant, with no alteration beyond extraction,
is the Green Label. This one has a combination of CBD and CBDa, normally ranging from 12%-18% depending on the
current batch lab test result. Concentration: 12% ~ 18%

1g Raw Hemp Extract- Green Label

SKU: USH-RAW-18-1a
  •  Directions

    Dispense the desired amount onto your finger or a spoon, place under your tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow. The longer you keep the oil under your tongue, the more your body will absorb sublingually. The rest should gradually be absorbed as it travels through your digestive system.


    CBD Rich Hemp Oil


    • Green Label

    • Blue Label

    • Gold Label


    • 1 gram

    • 3 grams

    • 10 grams

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