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CBD: Benefits For Mental Health And Pain

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a derivative of hemp or more commonly known, marijuana. While we have been reading since ages about the misuse of marijuana, and have a common belief against it, science has now revealed some extraordinary uses of the same.

Many people have used it in their diet since time immemorial and understood its health benefits.

What exactly is CBD and how it works?

● CBD is one of the most abundant non-psychoactive compound in Cannabis Sativa. The reason it has stayed behind curtains for long is due to the known psychoactive properties of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The familiarity with one component often dominates the benefits of lesser-known components. But with time, CBD has emerged as a savior and now further researches are being conducted on it.

● CBD is a multi-purpose drug, and can be used in treating various severe mental disorders and health conditions. It is also known to help people with prolonged traumatic stress and panic disorders. In the ancient time, it was used as a pain reliever in controlled dosages.

● Like every other drug, it has the binding property on targeted molecule’s receptor and henceforth controlling its behavior. In the case of CBD, the target molecules are mostly present in the brain. This explains the miraculous use it can be put into and all the precautions that need to be taken with it.

● CBD’s target molecules are mostly found in the brain, and the brain is the regulator of all mental disorders, pain and anxiety disorders. There are molecules which actually glow in response to various stimuli and CBD works in neutralizing their response. They bind themselves to the receptors and then modify or modulate their behavior.

● Therefore marijuana, bought from certified dispensaries, comes out as a winner as it is a versatile drug having multiple benefits and healing properties, which often outshine that of others.

What is Anxiety? Is it different from mental illness?

Anxiety disorders or simply anxiety, fall under the category of mental illnesses, and include the various phobias and panic disorders with them. Like other mental illnesses it might be a result of some deep surging trauma. Anxieties and panic disorders are a form of exaggerated immune response by our bodies. Shivering, sleeplessness, fears and incapacity to perform a work properly are major symptoms of these disorders. The body, due to some traumas or disorders, starts responding haphazardly to few stimuli, and the person is unable to control his response.

Effect of CBD on Anxiety, Pain & Mental Illness:

● Pain is a sensation, not felt by the body part or the heart, but by the brain. In fact, all sensations are controlled by the brain through various neurotransmitters or reflex mechanisms. Now, the target receptors or molecules for CBD’s actions are mostly found in the brain. Staying effective on the part, CBD has a remarkable effect in the treatment and tolerance of pain, an indication of using it for tackling chronic pain. Using the correct marijuana strain like the laughing buddha strain from ILGM, you can find relief from pain to an extent. One of the most remarkable properties of CBD is its anti-inflammatory power and pain relieving property.

● More often than not, anxiety and mental illness are results of a chronic pain, physically or mentally. Anxiety, in itself, is not a disease, but a fight or flight mechanism. Only when the brain starts functioning inappropriately and these sensations become frequent, without any stimulus, it becomes a malady. The target receptors of CBD are present in the brain which are highly specialized in binding such sensations.

● Researchers in another study included patients who were suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. A simulated public speaking test was conducted. They were administered with CBD and reported lesser anxiety. The results were validated by objective indicators like blood pressure and heart rate.

Another double- blind study of patients was conducted by Brazilian researchers on patients associated with generalized social anxiety. It was reported by the participants that there was a significant decrease in anxiety after being dosed with CBD. This was validated by the researchers after performing brain scans on participants. The results showed cerebral blood flow patterns which is consistent with anti- anxiety effects.

● CBD is also known to help patients deal with speech disorders, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), social anxiety, panic disorders and combating the traumas and post-traumatic stress. CBD is also helpful in treating mental illnesses like schizophrenia.

Many countries and governments across the world have given their consent in the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and made it legal. Some countries are working on it and still unwilling to legalize its use due to the threat of the malpractices of marijuana. Many countries in the West have legalised it while Eastern countries are behind, especially due to religious associations with it, which can cause its over-consumption and misuse. It’s interesting to know how a drug which has been feared because of its potential effects on sanity, can effectively be used to cure various mental imbalances. Now, it is all up to us, the kind of use we put ‘marijuana’ to and the kind of benefits we reap.

Often it’s not the drug that damages or heals us, but the quantity and quality in which we consume it!

If you want to read offline, please download PDF File below:

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