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3 Simple Ways To Raise Mental Health Awareness

There is a problem across the globe, and it is that the majority of the population is struggling with their mental health and nobody is talking about it. It is much more acceptable to take a sick day than a mental health day, and it is often more embarrassing to disclose mental health issues than many physical problems. The cannabis community is trying to bring awareness about mental health, especially since CBD is so often used to help with mental illnesses like depression and PTSD. But what are some things the community can do about it?

1. Learn

One of the most significant ways to spread awareness about a subject is to be well educated on it. Read blogs from people who suffer from mental illness, it really gives you a window into the mind of someone whose reality isn’t yours. Read articles about the disorders and learn symptoms and preventative measures. By understanding the issues, you have a higher chance at rallying in more people to support the cause.

2. Listen

When you are with someone who you know has a mental illness, try not to let it define them. See who they are, and not their inner turmoil. That is a battle they are going through as well, and your help could make a difference. Listen to what they have to say, even though you may not fully understand you can try to connect with the ways that they feel. You have been enraged before, you have been sad, you have felt the emotions they are feeling, and you can relate. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen to them.

3. Speak

By openly talking about mental health, you start making it less taboo. Normalizing mental health can begin in small circles of friends, and eventually branch out into your social circles all around. Make it easy for others to talk about it, make it something that isn’t looked down upon. Try to refrain from calling people psycho or crazy, because the majority of the people with mental illness already know they have something they need to deal with.

By focusing on mental health, you can help solve many of the world's problems. Psychological health links to violence, poverty, lack of education, and it creates cycles of itself. Bringing awareness to mental health can save lives, and make our world a better place.

If you want to read offline, please download PDF File below:

  • 3 Simple Ways To Raise Mental Health Awareness

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