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Boosting Your Athletic Performance With CBD Oil

Energy supplements can only take you so far, and you need a more potent substance to sustain you. One substance that can help you is cannabidiol or CBD.
Before you turn away, as the term cannabidiol seems to be derived from cannabis (the source of narcotic marijuana), you may want to understand what CBD is and how it is different from its notorious cousin.
Knowing the Difference
Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the hemp plant’s component that induces an euphoric state – or an annoying state for people who don’t take kindly to marijuana and its effects. CBD and THC actually fall under the same class of compounds. Comprising up to 40% of hemp’s cannabinoid extract, CBD is a major component of the plant. But because of its legality and safety, CBD has long been studied for its uses in medicine.
So, how are CBD supplements extracted? Cannabis plants grow in conditions wherein the male plants fertilize their female counterparts. When the plants are both separated, the females cannot be pollinated. As a result, the females produce THC in abundance. When the female is pollinated, the plant produces minimal THC (less than 1%).
Thus, if you want to lower the THC content in cannabis, keep together the male and female plants in the hemp fields. The plants utilized for CBD capsules, CBD oil, hemp protein, or hemp oil comply with international standards (which require THC to be at less than 1%). Moreover, CBD is absolutely legitimate and is available for order online.
An Assortment of Benefits
You now know where CBD comes from, and you realize that it’s safe to use and does not have those narcotic effects of weed. Therefore, it’s time for you to learn about the compound’s benefits and how it can aid you in your workouts and athletic performance.
Considering Cortisol
Conventional marijuana, which has a THC concentration of 20 to 30% can increase (as well as induce) mania and anxiety. It can also make the adrenal system work harder, causing a massive flow of cortisol into the blood.
On the other hand, CBD causes the opposite. In studies, CBD was found to curb cortisol’s secretion, significantly reducing cortisol in the blood. While the study involved only 11 subjects, it is believed that individuals who used cannabis with THC also take CBD as a supplement to reduce anxiety’s effects.
Weight Loss Perks
When one uses weed, increased appetite becomes a problem. However, in CBD, the opposite holds true. CBD suppresses appetite and can be considered an anti-obesity agent. You may want to try out CBD if you struggle in your weight loss efforts or if you tend to eat more than necessary.
Getting Good Sleep
CBD oil is considered a stimulant. In low doses, CBD activates the same receptors as caffeine. However, you may be surprised that CBD can also be used to promote restful sleep. At moderate to high doses (the dose normally taken for therapeutic benefit), CBD works well as a sleep-promoting substance.
Controlling Insulin
No matter how much you think you have maximized your workout, you may find that you still have that flabby belly or that your muscle-building efforts are somewhat useless. If you think you are dealing with such an issue, your insulin sensitivity may be lower than normal.
Well, CBD oil can be used to improve insulin sensitivity. Excessively high insulin sensitivity promotes the storage of extra glucose as glycogen in the liver and muscle, as compared to extra glucose being stored in fat.
Alternatively, poor insulin sensitivity causes difficulties in transporting glucose into the muscles, storing it as fat instead. CBD use isn’t just linked to good insulin sensitivity though, as it results in a smaller waist as well. Thus, you should no longer wonder why a friend of yours taking weed can eat a lot and not gain weight.
Beat Inflammation
When you experience bodily inflammation, you may find it hard to complete your workout. CBD can help relieve inflammation, which can occur in the joints as a result of constantly using them or lifting heavy weights. Simply put, when your body is inflamed, you will experience pain – and consequently, your training sessions may be cut short.
Catabolism Cure
Athletes, strength trainers, and individuals wanting a well-sculpted body can supplement their diet with CBD oil consumption. The compound’s anti-catabolic properties can help you build more muscle. However, catabolism is not easy to deal with.
Cortisol, which is a catabolic hormone naturally produced by the body, can break down muscles easily – particularly in cases of severe illness or injury. If you have been training for months and you get sick or injured, all that work can be wiped out in weeks due to cortisol.
CBD oil can counter cortisol’s effects. It interferes with cortisol’s secretion to prevent catabolism. Of course, positive habits like meditation may also help in the reduction of cortisol and stress.
The Absorption Dilemma
Like everything else in life, CBD oil has a catch, which comes in the form of its absorbability profile. You may enhance absorption, however, with black pepper and turmeric. Black pepper is included in many supplements, but it may not taste good due to the spice. Despite the taste, you may need to suck it up and consume that CBD oil for excellent results.
Numerous Perks, One Compound
Cannabidiol (CBD), which is derived from the hemp or cannabis plant, does not have marijuana’s narcotic and potentially harmful effects. Instead, CBD can improve your health in general. CBD is also legal and meets the required THC levels for safe use. While you may not get ‘high,’ you’ll still be riding high because of the compound’s numerous benefits.
When you’re working out, you want to be at the top of your game. You want to maintain optimum energy and you want to endure in your workout routine as you strengthen your muscles.
However, even the strongest have their limits, and they sometimes run out of steam. To help enhance your athletic performance or workout routine, you need to boost your activity.
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