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CBD Oil! Have you ever heard of it? Completely legal and not a drug, it's quickly gaining popularity for it's almost miraculous health benefits. This oil is extracted from the Hemp plant - yes, the same one that produces the hemp seeds we sprinkle on food. CBD oil directly interacts with our endocannabinoid system working to bring homeostasis to the body. CBD oil is a huge part of my health coach practice - it's something I am constantly running out of. Not only do my clients benefit from this oil, but my entire family does too. My brother takes it for epilepsy and I take it for anxiety. My husband takes it for focus, while my mom takes it for pain and a good nights sleep. It's like our daily vitamin! We even use it on pets. I once had a diabetic cat and I used CBD oil to help her manage nausea & pain - with fantastic results. I feel very fortunate I get to educate others on the benefits of CBD and help them get back to a healthy, normal life. Take a look at this extensive list of what CBD Oil can be used for:

-ADD/ADHD -Alzheimers -Anxiety -Arthritis -Bipolar -Cancer -Chronic Pain -Cramps -Crohns/IBS -Depression -Digestive Issues -Epilepsy -Fibromyalgia -Inflammation -Insomnia -Migraines -M.S. -Nausea -Negative Thinking -Panic Attacks -Parkinsons -PTSD -Social Anxiety The top issue I help people with in my practice is anxiety. I've worked with young professionals who have panic attacks, and retired police officers suffering from PTSD. The best part about it? There are no side effects with CBD. Only fast relief (when taken sub-dermally i.e.; under the tongue) One of my favorite sites to learn more about exactly how this plant based oil works on the brain can be found HERE

Stephanie dropping Everyday Advanced CBD oil under her tongue. This dark oil is recommended for severe nervous system disorders such as Panic Attacks, Epilepsy, or Parkinsons.

Part of my job is public speaking. Like any other human, I have my days where I feel nervous about putting myself out there. On those days, I take a dropper full of CBD oil under my tongue in the morning with breakfast and find public speaking throughout the day a breeze. This is coming from the girl who used to get red rashes all over her chest when giving presentations in college! Now I look everyone in the eye and my thoughts are laser focused. No stuttering or saying 'um, uh' in between sentences to catch my thoughts. (Where was this stuff in college!?)


DO YOU GET HIGH? No! That is the top question everyone asks, and with good reason. Our society has conditioned us to associate cannabis with drugs. This is hemp based, so it is perfectly legal in all 50 states. The THC (The component that causes psychoactive effects) is removed. All that is left is pure, medicinal CBD. My brother is a software engineer and he takes the strongest form of CBD out there to manage his seizures. He would not be able to perform his job if his brain was impaired in any way! WILL I PASS A DRUG TEST? I cannot 100% say yes. While 99.9% of THC is removed, there still could be a trace amount that might show up on a drug test. That being said, I take CBD oil daily and I have passed a drug test. HOW DO I FIND THE RIGHT CBD FOR ME? Careful when googling CBD oil. You will fall into the blackhole of conflicting information and overwhelm yourself! The main ways to take CBD are via pill or oil. Despite having a cheaper price tag, I do not recommend the pill form. Although you'll pay a cheaper price up front, you will waste money in the long run because the pill has to be processed by the digestive system, then the liver, and finally into your blood stream. Although it may say '30mg of CBD' you probably only get half of that, because it gets lost in the digestive process. The wonderful thing about oils is that it bypasses all of those systems and gets to work on your nervous system immediately. For mild to moderate health issues: Everyday Plus For moderate to severe health issues: Everyday Advanced *To give you an example, people with anxiety or ADD take Everyday Plus. People with epilepsy or parkinsons take Everyday Advanced. HOW DO I TAKE IT? I recommend a dropper full every morning with breakfast and every night before bed. Drop the oil under your tongue and allow it to sit for 30-60 seconds. This will send it directly to your blood stream. When people use it for anxiety attacks, I recommend it as needed throughout the day. The best part is you cannot overdose. The body will expel any excess it does not use, just like a vitamin. CAN KIDS TAKE IT? Yes! Absolutely. It is very common to use CBD oil in replacement of the most common pharmaceuticals for ADD/ADHD.

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