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Cannabis and Mental Health

Often, we spend tons of time tending to our physical health, dieting, grooming and exercising. But with hectic schedules that balance work and social lives with self-care, it can be easy to neglect mental health. Here are a few ways to make sure you are tending to that aspect of self-care as well.


If you notice you are feeling depressed for longer periods of time, and for no reason at all, you may be suffering from depression. If you are over or under-eating or having issues with too much or too little sleep, this may especially be the case. See a doctor if you are suffering, and talk to them about trying medication or seeking permanent therapy. Leafly suggests that mild cannabis use can also help some with their depression symptoms. Make sure to medicate safely.


If you are anxious or nervous, you could be suffering from anxiety. In addition to therapy and medication, some strains of cannabis can help. High Times suggests types like Girl Scout Cookies and Northern Lights. However, be careful, as psychedelic substances like cannabis can sometimes increase anxiety.

Friends and Connections

Mental health issues are real, and in no way can they be solved just by being more social. However, in today’s increasingly disconnected world, sometimes it can help to have more human contact. Spend time with friends and loved ones, spark up a blunt and share some cannabis. This will help you relax, unwind and truly enjoy the moment.

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