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Dogs and CBD Treats Recent Study From American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

As dog owners, we struggle with deciphering our dog’s emotions, especially when it comes to challenging behaviors like separation anxiety and incessant barking and more complicated disorders such as cancer and arthritis. Wouldn’t it all be easier if we could communicate with our dog and they could tell us where it hurt?

While CBD oil can’t magically teach your dog English, dog owners are increasingly reaching for CBD pet treats to relieve pet discomfort and help with a wide range of ailments. It’s all due to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) we share with our canine friends.

Mammals all have an ECS

Every mammal has receptors in its body for cannabinoids — chemical compounds that are found in hemp. When these non-psychoactive compounds interact with the ECS, they help govern the body’s appetite, sleep, mood and memory. This interaction is also involved in how our bodies fight inflammation, the perpetrator in many diseases.

A recent survey study conducted by American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association reported that 61.8% to 95% of pet owners have endorsed the health benefits of CBD-laced treats, ranging from ‘moderate to excellent’. Some of the medical conditions that were relieved by these edible treats include pain, nervous system problems, inflammation, anxiety, vomiting, digestive system problems, tumors, seizures/convulsions, skin problems and phobias, including fireworks or thunderstorm phobias.

If you are considering giving dogs CBD, there are a few things to remember:

  1. CBD Hemp Oil will not get your pet high. It does not contain THC and does not have psychoactive properties.

  2. Pay attention to how the CBD oil is extracted. At Elixinol, we use the “whole plant.” Using the “whole plant,” allows us to extract the variety of constituents (more than 500 trace compounds) in the hemp oil itself, including terpenes, sugars, flavonoids, and secondary cannabinoids, that are found in all parts of hemp. We believe these compounds work together to provide the full benefits of CBD to you and your pet (read more on how using the whole plant is important).

  3. As with any supplement, start small. Give one treat to your dog and watch her reaction. If she seems to have no response, give two. Each individual dog is different and will respond differently. Be sure to follow the package directions and do not give more treats than are recommended for the weight of your dog.

  4. Try a variety of treat options. One type of treat may be formulated differently than another and you may have better success. Our Pet Releaf dog treats come in a variety of flavors and contain between 1 and 1.5 milligrams of CBD.

Dogs and CBD – Could be a great combination!

While we can’t communicate using language with our dogs, we CAN show them we love them by reducing their discomfort and providing relief when they’re struggling. We’re honored to be able to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and would love to hear about your personal pet success story with CBD.

If you want to read offline, please download PDF File below:

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