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Single serving packets formulated with hemp-derived CBD, vitamins and bromelain to promote your pet’s skin and overall wellness. 

Choose between the specialized Small, Medium or Large versions depending on the size of your dog.

Each packet is rich in whole-plant cannabinoids, bromelain and quercetin.

Therabis - Stop the Itch (5 Pack)

  • Active ingredients: Bromelain (pineapple stems), Quercetin (dimorphandra mollis), Green Lipped Mussel (pema canaliculus), Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate), Chromium (as chromium picolinate), Hemp Extract (stalk, stem & seed)

    Inactive ingredients: Molasses, Hemp Powder, Natural Flavoring

  • Sprinkle a packet of Stop the Itch over your dog’s food once daily.

    For dogs 20lbs or smaller, we recommend the Small Dog version. The Medium size is great for up to 60lbs, and Large foranything above that.

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