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Entourage is a whole-plant vape formula made with quality, lab tested hemp-derived CBD oil. It offers unique flavor profiles
derived naturally through a proprietary blend of terpenes. This product is completely non-psychoactive and comes
with 50mg CBD in a 10ml dropper top bottle.

Entourage Vape Oil- 50mg

  • To use, simply fill your vaporizer tank with Entourage CBD oil, makin sure to let the oil sit for 5-10 minutes before use on the first fill. Or treat Entourage like a vape additive by adding a few drops into your other vape oils to for a customize vaping experience.

  • Flavors (10ml/50mg CBD)

    • Colorado Kush

    • Basil

    • Black Pepper

    • Clove

    • Limoncello

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